MCP Senior, Lauren Frost Unveils "I Have a Dream" Wall

Oct 30, 2017

MCP senior, Lauren Frost, unveiled her interactive project in downtown San Luis Obispo, inviting viewers to share their hopes and aspirations. Located on the Higuera Street side of the Woodstock Pizza building, the “I Have A Dream” wall is designed to allow passersby to write their dreams in chalk.

Frost was inspired to create an interactive public space where locals and tourists alike could share their messages of hope with others. “By inscribing their hopes for the future, each person enhances the art and makes it something new. The dream wall becomes no longer my creation, but transforms its meaning and appearance with everyone who writes their aspiration,” she explains. Frost spent a year researching, planning, and searching for the location best suited for the project. She wanted the location to attract the public and be accessible to the community. When Lauren first presented the “I Have A Dream” idea, building owners Rob and Steve Rossi said, “We were fascinated with her creativity and the concept of engaging the community in this very unique way. We are pleased to be able to host this inspirational and fun project in our vibrant and dynamic downtown.”