Noha Kolkailah
Assistant Principal of Academics
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Summer Reading & College Assignments 2016

All summer assignments are listed below by department or teacher. Please contact the teacher directly if you have any questions about the summer assignments.

English Department (Hamm, Howard, Oceguera & Morris)
Mr. Martin, AP US History
Mr. Thoene, AP Human Geography
Dr. Schmoll, AP World History
- Mrs. Hamm’s College Application Essay Assignment One


"My participation in campus ministry while at MCP gave me opportunities to grow in my faith in a community setting and has supported my continued growth through participation in campus ministry at Notre Dame."

Matthew Kudija ‘09


The administrative team in the area of academics includes: Assistant Principal of Academics, Academic Support Staff, Guidance & College Counseling, Academic Department Chairpersons, and Director of Technonlogy.

Mission Prep boasts a talented student-body of 355 young men and women currently. The faculty consists of 34 full-time and 11 part-time men and women, many who hold advanced degrees. The average class size is 19. Students are challenged and supported by caring faculty and held accountable for their performance. Over the last eight years, our graduating seniors have had a 98% college acceptance rate. On average, 50% of the senior class earns dual enrollment, UC-transferable college credit through our Cuesta program.

We offer 74 college prep courses approved and certified by the University of California meeting “a-g” requirements. 7 honors courses and 12 Advanced Placement courses are offered. In addition, we offer 11 courses based in leadership, drama, health, and Catholic Theology. Our elective offerings have been expanded based on student interest to include video production, electronic robotics, digital photography, art, music and drama. Students enroll in 7 courses, each of which meets every other day for 80 minutes per class. Community Service is a requirement for graduation.

Our Advanced Placement test results are an outstanding indication of our academic prowess here at MCP. Among the 248 Advanced Placement Tests taken across 8 subject areas here at MCP in May of 2013, our students passed at a highly impressive 80% rate, receiving 45 scores of ‘5’. Because we uniquely require every student in the AP class to take the test, our results demonstrate the singular caliber of our academic departments and radically set us apart from other area schools. MCP’s AP scores have steadily increased in number of tests being taken, and increased in pass-rates over the same time-period.

As of January 2015, student weighted GPA for the school (355 students) is as follows: 96 students (27%) with a 4.0 or higher, 105 students (30%) with a 3.5 to 3.99, 82 students (23%) with a 3.0 to 3.49, and 72 (20%) with a 2.0 to 2.99.

Historically, 95% of seniors attend a 4-year college, and 5% attend a 2-year college.

The graduating class of 2016 took the older SAT test which still had the 2400 scale. Of the graduating class, 89 students were tested. The students’ mean scores for the exam were the following: 569 for critical reading, 564 for math, and 560 for writing. For the ACT exam, 88 students from the graduating 2016 class took the test. The students’ received a composite average of 30.8 out of a scale to 36.