“It's extremely hard to assemble a faculty that cares for its students to the extent that it spends so much extra time with them, but MCP accomplishes this.”

Max Belasco ‘08

Canvas Information

MCP is proud to introduce you to our new online virtual learning environment: Canvas. Canvas is a new and progressive web-based learning management system with tools that streamline interactions between students, parents, and teachers. Canvas is built in “the Cloud,” allowing it to be accessible from many kinds of computing devices including Windows, Mac, or Chrome laptops as well as Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. MCP’s faculty is genuinely excited about the potential for this new learning system to accelerate student access to 21st century technology.

Below are parent resources that can assist you in your Canvas experience. If you have difficulties logging on, please send your inquiries to canvas-service@missionprep.org and a member of the MCP Canvas Support Team will contact you. If you have difficulties once logged in to Canvas (Web), please use the Canvas Help button as explained in the Parent Web Set Up Instructions below.

Parent User Guide: Parent Web Set Up Instructions
Parent User Guide: Change Canvas Notifications
Parent User Guide: Parent Mobile App Set Up Instructions

One-Minute Instructional Video: Log-In Instructional Video (Below)


How to Access: Technology Support Page


Instructional Video: How to Find Previous Courses in Canvas