Stephanie Buresh
Campus Minister
(805) 543-2131 x407

“Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Catholic backbone of MCP endows students with a sense of solidarity and a sense of responsibility to the world at large.”

Kathleen Kelley ‘10

Ministry and Service

The primary role of Campus Ministry is to coordinate all matters related to the growth of MCP as a faith community. Campus Ministry operates on the assumption that the young person's emerging faith demands more than classroom religious instruction. Activities such as community Eucharistic celebrations, retreats, service projects in tune with local and global needs, small group prayer services, and parish involvement are all necessary to address the student's growing faith responsibilities.

All members of the school community share in its faith life; however, administration of Campus Ministry opportunities is directed by the Campus Ministry Team. The main activities of the Campus Ministry Team are school wide liturgies and para-liturgical services as well as retreats and special service programs.