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Asst. Principal of Activities
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  “Parents are truly an important part of MCP’s vitality.”

Lois Gall, parent of MCP alumni

Student Life

MCP students create a vital school environment by participating in a wide range of activities, rounding out their academic pursuits. The Associated Student Body (ASB) motto, coined in 2003, perhaps expresses our culture of participation best: “For the students, by the students.” Our community frequently celebrates our student performances in athletics, graphic art, music and drama, and students plan, coordinate, and produce these events: from technical production in theatre to setting up video media for assemblies; from scripting rallies and producing the program for our Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament to producing live video announcements each morning. Our students learn to orchestrate every step of the process. By their senior year here at Mission, a few of our students would be nearly indistinguishable from staff if only they had keys to the doors!

The MCP commitment to others and to community really begins here at our own campus in creating “a culture of care and accountability.”

MCP students not only seek opportunities to perform and share their own skills and interests, but many of them specialize in publishing the creative flair and talents of their peers. This interest has roots in our goal of “becoming women and men for others,” and extends past school leadership, technical support, and media production into the realm of community service. Students commit to increasing levels of service to the SLO county community each year, culminating in a senior service project that they devise themselves. Additionally, a few of our twenty-two current clubs are devoted to addressing and working to resolve social and environmental issues here at school and in our surrounding community.

The MCP commitment to others and to community really begins here at our own campus in creating “a culture of care and accountability.” Two relatively new programs truly drive our roots deep into the soil of this commitment, our Student Alliance and our Royal Ambassadors.

Student Alliance members—11th and 12th grade students—begin their school year by calling each new student, all freshmen and transfer students, over the summer prior to the start of school in order to welcome them, answer any questions or concerns, and offer advice about getting started here. As the year rolls along, they follow up on a consistent basis with get-togethers and casual check-ins to help ease the sometimes tumultuous transition to a new school. This program aligns upperclassmen with new students and really pushes toward the goal of a family environment among the student body.

The Royal Ambassadors Program is a leadership opportunity for 10th, 11th and 12th graders at MCP. Ambassadors are selected through an application process to represent the school at a variety of Enrollment and Advancement Events and Activities. These include student visitation programs, school tours, open house, alumni luncheons, letter writing and donor receptions. Student Ambassadors receive training in learning how to work with diverse groups of people, and in developing effective communication skills as representatives of Mission College Prep.